Vital Signs

Vital Signs

What is Vital Signs?

The Vital Signs program is intended as a long term initiative of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC). It promotes partnerships with a broad range of community member who contribute their skills, expertise and time in building our Vital Signs Report.

Vital Signs Reports use current statistical analysis as well as a range of community perceptions to provide a snapshot of the vitality in the North Okanagan.

Our goals are:

  • To enhance the Foundation’s effectiveness in grant making
  • To provide information to donors about issues and opportunities
  • To encourage and facilitate connections between community groups

Community Leadership:

By building on previous reports and identifying new trends, we hope to work with community leaders to identify how best to meet the ever changing needs of our region.

Vital Signs reports on a range of issues affecting us in the North Okanagan – from safety, transportation, the arts and the environment to education, gaps between rich and poor, and getting started in our community. We consult the latest research, point out where there is lack of data, highlight our progress and challenges, and endeavour to provide an overall snapshot of our area’s quality of life. The Community Foundation of the North Okanagan and community foundations across Canada are using Vital Signs to help identify strategic priorities in their respective communities.

See our Vital Signs reports:

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