Salmon are a keystone species; approximately 130 different species depend on the abundant nutrients of salmon as part of their food source. With the increase in ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, habitat loss, over-harvesting, and changes in the environment, salmon stocks are now threatened in our local Shuswap River. 

Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society (KICS) raises 50,000 Chinook Salmon annually, to help enhance salmon stocks. They also educate people of all ages about the importance of salmon in our ecosystem. 

Each year KICS welcomes thousands of visitors to their 10-acre “living classroom”, set along the banks of the Shuswap River near Enderby, BC amidst the lush Interior Rainforest. If you’ve attended a salmon based school program, environmental education program, camp, workshop, family outing, or one of the many special events – you’ve come to appreciate the vital role salmon play in our local ecosystem and the entire Pacific Northwest.

The Community Foundation is proud to support programming with a grant to expand the outdoor patio space and make the area wheelchair accessible. 

KICS lost a vital part of their salmon stewardship program when Neil Brooks, Kupis re Kekasu7 (Caretaker of the Chinook Salmon), passed away unexpectedly. Donations can be made to the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Endowment Fund in memory of Neil Brooks 

Or support the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre today as they educate young minds to become our next salmon or watershed stewards. Visit to sponsor a salmon today and become a certified salmon steward!


- The Keystone to our Ecosystems