Healthy Communities Initiative

Healthy Communities Initiative – Applications Open!

COVID-19 has seriously impacted our access and use of public spaces which are the glue to our communities. They are a big part of what makes communities safe, vibrant and connected.

The Healthy Communities Initiative is a $31 million investment from the Government of Canada to support communities as they create and adapt public spaces to respond to the new realities of COVID-19. We are proud to be working with CFC and the Government of Canada and other BC Community Foundations in Southern BC to provide $1,562,140 of funding to support organizations that are showing creativity and resourcefulness in creating solutions that enable people to connect and access public spaces safely while still respecting public health measures. 

Organizations can apply from February 9, 2021, at 1:00 PM EST until March 9, 2021, at 5:00 PM PST. A second application period for funding will take place starting in May 2021.

Visit to find out more about how to apply, explore resources for applicants and sign up for community mobilization sessions. You can also visit Community Foundation South Okanagan’s page for local information and resources.

If you are donor interested in supporting local organizations as they respond to the new realities of COVID-19 and adapt to public health measures, please call Leanne at 250-542-8655 or email [email protected]

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