Community Grants

The Community Foundation of the North Okanagan has an impressive history of supporting charitable causes in our region. With the help of our volunteer granting committee we are able to provide insightful, effective grant distributions to groups who make a significant contribution to the quality of life in our area.

One of the most unique and valuable characteristics of the Foundation is that we are a 360 degree funder; that simply means that we are not focused on any one issue area. Our granting program is open to charitable groups working in virtually any area that makes a positive community impact. We grant in the following key areas:

  1. Arts & Culture
  2. Education
  3. Environment
  4. Health & Recreation
  5. Social Services

In an effort to make our granting more responsive to ever changing community needs, we have joined other communities across Canada in the Vital Signs Program. Every second year, we work with community leaders, charitable organizations and tireless volunteers to produce a community report card called the North Okanagan’s Vital Signs. The report synthesizes statistics and questionnaire data to create a snapshot of where the North Okanagan is doing well and where there is need for improvement in a number of key issue areas. To see our most recent Vital Signs report and to learn more about the Vital Signs program.

In addition to our annual community granting cycle, fund holders at the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan make gifts to registered charities through the annual distribution of income on their endowment funds. Most funds disbursed by the Foundation are designated by donors for specific registered charities. However, we are encouraging our donors to consider leaving a portion of their granting ‘undesignated’ to increase the number of applications we can fund through our annual grant application process. An increase in the size of our Smart & Caring Community Fund will allow us to expand our annual granting impact and become more responsive to ever changing community needs.

The Community Foundation of the North Okanagan is also pleased to work cooperatively with our local school districts, colleges and universities as well as post-secondary institutions across Canada to help our generous donors to participate in our robust scholarship and bursary program.