Our Endowment Funds

All Community Foundation of the North Okanagan Endowment Funds fall into one of three basic types:

Undesignated Funds – Smart & Caring Community Funds – where a donor has left the fund open to be used in the annual community granting process.
Designated Funds – where a donor has selected specific charitable organizations to benefit from the income on their endowment fund.
Donor Advised Funds – similar to a Private Foundation – the donor retains the ability to recommend charities to receive the annual distribution of income on the fund.

For recognition purposes many community foundations further organize endowment funds into the following categories:

Organizational Funds (or Agency Funds) – started for the benefit for a specific charitable organization with the income going to that charity each year.
Individual & Family Funds – started by and individual or family to establish a legacy that supports our community today, tomorrow… forever.
Corporate Funds – started by a local business to demonstrate their commitment to our community and provide an ongoing source of funding to our charitable sector.
Memorial Funds – started specifically to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away.

As of September 30, 2013 (end of our fiscal year) the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan is proud to hold the following endowment funds:

A.A. and I. Gray Scholarship Fund
Al Roos Endowment Fund
Administration Endowment Fund
Agnes Sovereign Memorial Fund
Allan Brooks Nature Centre Endowment Fund
Ailsa Edge Memorial Fund
Anonymous Fund “A”
Archibald McKellar MacMechan Scholarship Fund
Armanious Family Endowment Fund
Armstrong Abbeyfield House Society Fund
Armstrong Spallumcheen Museum & Arts Endowment Fund
Art Sovereign Pediatric Unit Fund
Aubrey Creed St. John Fund
Bill & Muriel Townsend Fund
Beatrice I. Perry Endowment Fund
Beatrice Perry Memorial Fund
Beth Melvin Memorial Fund
Blankley Family Memorial Fund
Boys and Girls Club of Vernon Fund
Blueliners Association Fund
Bradley Haslam Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bryson McKay & Maude Beatrice Whyte Memorial Fund
Caroline Galbraith Cancer Fund
Caroline Galbraith Endowment Fund
Cherryville Community Club Bursary Fund
Class of ’69 Scholarship Fund
Smart & Caring Communities Fund
Smart & Caring Sydney Frederick Ward Fund
Eagle Bay Camp
Community Health Endowment Fund
Doreen & Jack Gordon Endowment Fund
Doreen Abbott-Smith Endowment for Healthcare Fund
Dorothy & John Graham Gift Fund
Dorothy May Myatt Endowment Fund
Galbraith Family Endowment Fund
Elizabeth Scott Vocal Choral Bursary Fund
Funtastic Sports Society Fund
Dorothy Myatt Endowment for Healthcare Fund
Dr. Vic Demetrick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Arthur Sovereign Memorial Fund
Gardner Ross Hardman Endowment Fund
D.S. MacKay Scholarship Fund
Festival of the Arts Fund
Emma & Archibald Gregory Family Fund
Elizabeth Dubray Memorial Fund for Healthcare Fund
G V Rogers Memorial Fund
Florence Ellen Robey Endowment for Healthcare Fund
Henry & Mae Wong Endowment Fund
R & G Hamilton Family Endowment
Herbert & Frieda Drauzburg Endowment Fund
HI Masters Bursary Fund
Jeff Thorlakson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jim & Elizabeth Kidston Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joan James Memorial Fund for Cancer Care
Joel Balfour Memorial Scholarship Fund
Interior Eyecare Society Fund
Huston Family Endowment Fund
Jo Ellen Foster Memorial Fund
John Victor Harrison Fund
John Shephard Museum Fund
Junior Chamber International – Vernon Fund
John Howard Society Endowment Fund
Justice Peter D. Seaton Memorial Bursary Fund
Keith & Trish Allan Family Fund
Gord & Linda Ball Fund
Kalamalka Award Program Endowment Fund
Kara Hintz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Karen Bedard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kerry Palmer Memorial Bursary Fund
Lumby Women’s Institute Scholarship Endowment Fund
Leah Dayboll Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lumby Minor Hockey Scholarship Fund
Lyle/Darlene Lewis/Cancer Clinic Endowment Fund
Klaus & Elisabeth Uhle Fund
Kieran Galbraith Memorial Fund
Lyle/Darlene Lewis/Cardiac Care Endowment Fund
Lyle/Darlene Lewis/VJH/Ultrasound Endowment Fund
Marika Kirchpfennig Scholarship Fund
Marion Adeline Read Endowment Fund
Martin Goble Memorial Fund – Healthcare
Mary Warder Merryfield Endowment Fund
Mark & Isabel Rose Endowment Fund
Maureen Bryant Endowment Fund
Manke Gowan Bursary Fund
Michael Ludwig Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Richardson Memorial Endowment Fund
Millicent M. Foster Endowment Fund
Muriel Mildenberger Endowment Fund
Murray & Elva Gee Fund
Norman Alexander Gillis Endowment Fund
Norman Frederick Kennedy Endowment Fund
Ellison Family Endowment Fund
Norman Mackie Simon Endowment Fund
North Okanagan Cancer Prevention Fund
Okanagan Musicians Endowment Fund
O’Keefe Ranch and Interior Heritage Society Fund
Okanagan College Endowment Fund
Pat & Gladys Duke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Patricia Delma Edbom Endowment Fund
Patrick F. Mackie Endowment Fund
Pauline Legg Endowment Fund
Peter Isman Scholarship Fund
Peter George Legg Endowment Fund
Peter Leahy Memorial Fund
Petra Emmi Heaton Memorial Fund
Richard John Farmer Memorial Fund
Robert D. McLean Diabetic Daycare Fund
Reay O’Rourke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert Barclay McClelland Endowment for Healthcare Fund
Robert Barclay McClelland Endowment
Robert Duncan McLean Endowment Fund
Ron Hlady Memorial Scholarship Fund
Salvation Army – Vernon Branch
School District #22 (Vernon) Scholarship Trust Fund
Syd Dalzell Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Sharon Billie Memorial Fund
Simon Fraser University – Science Scholarship Fund
Silver Star Rotary Education Fund
Smith Family Scholarship Fund
SPCA Endowment Fund
Special Gifts Committee – Trinity United Church
SSS Sestrap Endowment Fund
Stewart Fraser Endowment Fund
Stewart Fraser Healthcare Fund
St. John Ambulance Endowment Fund
St. Vincent Foster Parent Assn Endowment Fund
Sustainable Environment Network Fund
Sveva Caetani Memorial Endowment Fund
Thomas Mellish Memorial Fund
United Way of N.O. Columbia Shuswap Fund
Vernon Branch – Okanagan Symphony Society Fund
Vernon Community Music School Endowment Fund
Vernon Community Music School Scholarship Fund
Vernon Community Singers – Molly Boyd Scholarship Fund
Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund
Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation Vision Fund
Fernande Deltenre Endowment Fund
Vernon Motor Dealer’s Assn Fund
Vernon Performing Arts Centre Endowment Fund
Vernon Public Art Gallery Endowment Fund
Vernon Restholm Assn Endowment Fund
Vernon Secondary Alumni Scholarship Fund
Weatherill Family Fund
North Okanagan Hospice Society Fund
North Okanagan Hospice Society Garden Fund
Winnifred R Steel Endowment Fund
Greater Vernon Museum & Archives Endowment Fund
Walter & Jiraporn Henckel Endowment Fund
Vernon Women’s Transition Centre Society Fund
Vernon Welsh Society Music Scholarship Fund
William A. Irwin Endowment Fund
Wm Seaton / Kin Memorial Scholarship Fund
William Seibt Fund for Healthcare
Westside Response Services Fund
Xel & Cora Monsees Endowment Fund
Youth VIP Committee Fund
Yoshitaka Mori Judo Scholarship Fund

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