Giving Wisely

Giving Wisely = Planned Giving

Planned giving is not as complicated as it sounds. When you put some thought into where you want to make a donation and how you want to make the gift you are doing “planned giving”. When you give a gift – large or small – you are a philanthropist.

Most people have made a simple gift to a favourite charity. You write a cheque, you feel great, and you get a tax receipt. SIMPLE.

Where it gets a little more complicated is when you are giving a larger amount of money and you want to make sure you are doing it in a way that has lasting impact, and in the most tax effective way.

As a community foundation, we are here to help demystify planned giving and help you make your gift in a way that works for your unique situation. Whether you want to make a gift during your life time, are considering leaving a gift in your will, or would like to explore making your giving a regular monthly or annual occurrence, we are here to help you.

Our donor relations specialist is here to talk you through making the decision that is right for you. No pressure, no confusing jargon, and no unnecessary fees. In short, planned giving allows people to think through philanthropic goals and explore options. As our population ages and the idea of giving something back to our communities grows, gift planning is becoming an important part of estate planning. We are also happy to work with your professional advisor (lawyer, accountant, investment advisor) to make sure your gifting plan fits with your personal planning.

Regardless of your age, regardless of the size of your gift, we are here to make your giving experience simple and rewarding. Call Leanne Hammond at 250-542-8655 or email her here.

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