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Strengthen & Support your community

When you donate to the Better Together Fund, you are helping our community plan for the unpredictable; by pooling your resources with other like-minded individuals you are helping us make an impact – with the right projects, at the right time.

The Better Together Fund was started by the Community Foundation North Okanagan to offer support to charitable organizations outside of regular grant programs. No one has a crystal ball, yet throughout the year many service organizations will need to alter their programs or start a new project to meet an unexpected community challenge. Needs and opportunities don’t appear conveniently ‘on schedule’ for structured granting cycles.

“None of us know what’s coming – what the next big crisis will be, or what opportunities are just around the corner. Being responsive means having the ability to take quick and thoughtful action to overcome obstacles and tackle that next challenge. We need to grow donations to the Better Together Fund and get prepared to step up,” explains Leanne Hammond, executive director of the Community Foundation North Okanagan. “The Better Together Fund was created to cut through bureaucracy; to mobilize money when it is needed most.”

The Better Together Fund offers donors a way to support important projects that arise, right when that help is most needed. In fact, it was at the request of donors that we created this quick response model. Whether we are called upon to handle heat domes or flooding, food shortages or funding shortfalls – this type of support can push a project over the finish line.


Monthly giving is one of the most efficient ways to donate. You don’t have to worry about remembering to give every year, and it’s a great way to make a big impact.

Thank you for your generous contribution.

Ways to give:

  1. Online donations – complete the form below.
  2. Etransfer – send to [email protected] and specify that is it for the Better Together Community Response Fund
  3. Cheque – payable to CFNO, please note “Better Together Community Response Fund” in the memo space, Mail to: CFNO #304 – 3402 27th Avenue, Vernon BC V1T 1S1
  4. Securities Transfer – forms available by contacting Leanne at 250-542-8655 or email [email protected]

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